Keep Mothers Alive

No woman should die bringing new life into this world. The sad reality is however that nearly 1,000 mothers die each day due to unnecessary complications of pregnancy or childbirth. According to the World Health Organization, the majority of maternal deaths can be prevented by providing women with access to quality family planning services, and skilled care during pregnancy, childbirth and post-delivery.

  • $20 will supply prenatal care and necessary nutrition to an expectant mother.

  • $100 can provide an obstetric emergency pack to a rural health clinic to help address critical situations and complications.

Vaccinate Against Cancer

Cervical cancer caused by HPV is the 2nd most common cancer in women resulting in over a quarter million deaths each year.

  • $150 prevents a young girl from acquiring HPV

Provide Clean Water

Lack of clean drinking water is the second leading cause of death in children under age 5.

  • $50 will provide a family of 4 with a simple life saving water filtration system. Your donation towards this cause will not only supply clean drinking water for up to a year but also provide training to the family on its use and how to prevent water/food borne illness in the future.

Prevent and Treat Malaria

Malaria is a preventable, treatable disease...yet, every 30 seconds a child dies from Malaria. Amazingly, over half of the world's population is at risk.

  • $20 can supply a family with an insecticide treated bed net and the training necessary to help a child along with his or her family avoid mosquito bites that cause the deadly disease.

GOAL is dedicated to saving lives in the poorest and most marginalized communities by focusing on health, prevention and education. We enable ordinary citizens to become citizens of the world through creating healthy global communities.  

Reproductive Health

Supplies save lives but only if we can make certain they reach those who need them most.

  • $50 can empower nearly 100 women to space their children through the use of injectable contraceptives.

RACCE – Rescue And Crisis Counseling Education

Program and hotline in the Philippines geared towards the treatment, prevention and education surrounding sexual abuse. Every donation helps provide hope, counseling and valuable resources to those in need.

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