Education Liaison spends his free time teaching children to read and has published multiple children's books.

Public Health Director ensures that we achieve maximum impact on public health.​

Director of Pediatrics,  makes sure that even the littlest voices don’t go unheard.​

Social Media Strategist helps us reach people, one tweet at a time.


Our outreach mission to Myanmar supplied hundreds of young mothers with essential nutritional packets to promote prenatal health.


GOAL's Scholarship Endowment was responsible for distributing educational supplies directly into the hands of nearly 2,000 students in Vietnam and Cambodia.


A visit to Ethiopia was effective in further highlighting the necessity for access to quality health care. GOAL conducted mobile first aid clinics across the country treating over 1,500 people with varying injuries and illnesses.

GOAL landed in Bangladesh with a two-part focus:  Providing essential heath care to hundreds of children working in the Chittagong ship demolition yards, and supplying local village clinics with vital first aid supplies and anti-malaria mosquito netting.


An organized volunteer program of 20 individuals visited the Social Welfare Institute Orphanage for Disabled Children in Suzhou, China - where GOAL provided air conditioners and washing machines to the children's medical clinic.

GOAL focused its efforts on preventative health and nutrition programs in Brazil.  Educating workers on sanitation and safe food handling practices, and providing first aid supplies, disinfectants and clean clothing to orphanages and women's shelters.


Our Medical Education and Outreach Program traveled to Kenya and Tanzania visiting villages, schools and healthcare centers distributing supplies and conducting first aid clinics reaching nearly 2,000 people consisting primarily of women and children.


In Egypt, GOAL helped empower female victims of leprosy by promoting a sustainable source of income. Our donation of sewing machines to a community shelter provided women suffering from one of the world's most stigmatizing diseases a way to reintegrate into society.


A volunteer group organized by GOAL took on an education and supply distribution project in Mexico at the Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza (RISE) supplying orphans with vitamins and funds for routine vaccinations.


A mission to Madagascar established connections with healthcare clinics helping to run an expectant mothers community health forum on birth and early infant development.


GOAL sent volunteers to Peru who visited the Avoldinsn children's hospital donating critical medical/surgical supplies.

2013 / 2014

Co-Partnership with SAKO in Nicaragua to supply water filters to rural communities and begin building a medical clinic in Villa El Carmen.

"As a practicing Obstetrician and Gynecologist, I have the opportunity to impact the lives of women and children every day. Being able to expand my medical and administrative roles outside of the United States resonates with my core values of humanitarianism, wellness and philanthropy. My ability to align medical expertise with sound business practice serves GOAL through development and implementation of focused, attainable and meaningful interventions to at-risk populations. My mission is for primary prevention, combined with a passion for care and support for those already impacted emotionally and physically by the ills of the world. The opportunity to help others is a gift that I wish continually to pay forward."​

Cambria Kang MD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer

- Cambria Kang

- Tamara Oswald

Tamara Oswald


Chief of Development, Surgical First Assistant
and Global Aid Worker

"Working as a Humanitarian Aid Volunteer was supposed to be a short-term commitment, but it became a life-long journey.

I am so fortunate to be able to impact the lives of others, all while partnering with some of the most passionate and ambitious philanthropists around the globe."​

Nicole Daoud

Devin Horton, MD

Erin Shurtz

David Olson

Advisory Board

- Mark Nelson

"As an international lawyer, I work and travel through much of the world witnessing firsthand the dire needs of women and children. GOAL allows me to help those people in a very personal way. Some of the most rewarding moments in life are seeing the smile or hearing the thanks of a child or mother whose life has been lifted by a gesture of good will. It is wonderful to see how relatively small gifts mean so much to those who receive. I am fortunate to be building something of sustainable value to the global community."

Mark Nelson


Chief Legal Counsel, International Lawyer
and Humanitarian 

Our Founders


To disrupt poverty by creating healthy global communities.

Current Programs

Create a program geared toward the prevention and healing of sexual abuse in the Philippines - protecting women and children in under represented communities through rescue, and crisis counseling education.


Hundreds of people volunteer with us each year and make a difference in the lives of people all over the world. Contact us and find out how to become our partner in changing the world.

Executive Leadership

Theresa Ashby PhD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

“In my heart, I think I've always been a philanthropist. I recognized early in life the difference one person can have in the life of someone in need. Today my energy is focused on changing the world and embracing life. There's nothing more magical than watching your efforts rewarded with a smile - knowing that you have touched someone's soul is the ultimate form of reciprocity."​

- Theresa Ashby


In Thailand, GOAL’s clean water project provided sustainable bio-sand water filters to villagers in Chiang Mai supplying 2,500 people with safe drinking water for the next 20+ years. 

An organized group of volunteers helped minimize the malaria epidemic through the distribution of chemically treated mosquito netting protecting over 1000 people. 

Our President and Executive Leadership Team conducted a medical research and information gathering mission involving local health authorities and community members. This session brought to light to some of the greatest needs facing women and educated women on the importance of an HPV vaccination to prevent cervical cancer.


GOAL’s outreach in Uganda had a 3-part focus. 1) Helping young women better understand and manage menstruation by educating and providing hundreds of girls with reusable sanitary products. The distribution of supplies will see these girls through 12th grade graduation. 2) Helping farmers protect their land and families from elephants by purchasing beehives to place along the border of private land and the Queen Elizabeth National Park. 3) Creating a wealth development project by purchasing goats for a community with a great vision of paying it forward thereby increasing the wealth and health of their residents.